We had a few days to drive from Nashville to New York, so we thought we’d take the scenic route and do some more camping/hiking before hitting the big apple. The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful and there is a slow road going through them, the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a really nice drive in Autumn, as the trees are changing colours.

Our first stop was in Ashville, a very nice arty town in North Carolina. We only spent one evening and half a day but we sensed a good vibe from that place. Also: great beer scene. After that we headed north west on the Parkway. It was great to drive on this road, plenty of stops with beautiful scenery and hikes, campsites and so on. We camped at Lake Powhatan near Ashville and Linville Falls on the parkway. Beautiful hike and waterfalls there, even though it was very chilly at night.

A nice place to visit was the Blue Ridge Music Center where we also had the chance to attend part of a bluegrass gig. It is a nice (free of charge) museum about the roots of bluegrass music, the sound of the blue mountains! Very cool stuff.