Before heading back to Canada, we thought we’d stay a couple of days in Boston and have a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts. We were staying in Cambridge and driving around in New England felt like driving in Europe: smaller streets, no grid system etc… Fun!

We had a walk downtown Boston and found it pretty boring to be honest. Not exactly what we expected, even though some streets really reminded us of Dublin in Ireland. We had some drinks with a couple of friends that we met at the Psychobilly Meeting one year. Good food and good beers at the Automatic, it was nice to catch up with Jen and Payton!

The day after, we drove to Salem. This is the infamous city where unfair trials against witchcraft took place in 1692/1693. 19 people were executed. There is a lot of history in that place. The most interesting part was the cemetery, with some very old graves and a monument to the victims of the witch trials. The rest is pretty commercial and touristy, sadly. Anyways, Jeremy went to the Nightmare Gallery, a nice collection of costumes, statues and information on horror films. The owner is a true fan of the genre, and even if quite short, worth seeing while in Salem. In the mean time, Jade browsed the witchy shops in search for some literature.

After that, we drove back and stopped at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. They have an impressive collection of taxidermy and dinosaur bones, as well as exhibitions about meteorites and flowers (all made out of glass).

That’s it for the U.S now! Let’s head back to Canada, hey!