Our next stop was a dream come true for Jade, the Greater World Community outside of Taos, New Mexico. Home to architect Mike Reynolds and his highly innovative houses. Dubbed ‘Earthships’, they are a sustainable and ecological housing concept that generates its own energy, uses thermal mass for cooling and heating, produces its own food, and processes waste water on site! It is built using garbage such as used tires, cans and bottles. Mike Reynolds created this movement and started building eco houses in the 70s.

We had a night booked in the west wing of the Phoenix, one of the older buildings but the most beautiful and artistic. We had a blissful evening in our little part of the house, just a bedroom with a tv and a bathroom in the greenhouse! Oh and we spent sunset in the Garden, hanging out with the chickens!!

The main room of our abode was comfy and well decorated with a carved wooden headboard, a kingsized bed and view of rubber trees and colourful light from a wall made with glass bottles. The bathroom had a 6 foot bottle wall which gave you privacy yet allowed an unobstructed view of green house celling and larger plants (as well as the resident parakeets!). Are we selling it to you yet? We had a wonderful time, Jade has wanted to visit for years and the place still exceeded her expectations!

These houses are designed first and foremost to be totally off the grid, to produce food, as well as to manage waste cleanly. We don’t have time to go into just how clever they are but if you are interested there are tons of videos on youtube! Suffice to say that Jeremy who was slightly sceptical to begin with (knowing little about them prior), came away from the guided tour rather impressed…

P.S. We may put up more photos at a later date but don’t have time now!