After the craziness of Las Vegas, we headed towards the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We managed to get a spot at a campground in the National Park.

The canyon is super impressive. It’s huge, some layers of rocks are really old (2 billion years). We saw one of the most beautiful sunset in our life the first night, from the south rim of the Canyon. The day after we hiked along the south rim and took tons of photos. It never quite stops to surprise you, whenever you’re exposed to a different angle. We wish we had have more time to hike inside of it.

We then drove to the Watchtower in Desert View, at the far east of the park. Very interesting museum and ruins on the way at the Tusayan Ruins and Museum. We learnt about native Americans from the area, the Puebloan people. They have been around there for almost 10 000 years.

Some photos: