On recommendation of a good friend of ours in Vancouver (thanks John), we visited Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Tree is a specific kind of tree that only grows in the desert. This national park is located east, 2 hours out of Los Angeles. It is famous for its vegetation and boulder rocks, very scenic. It is a very beautiful place but deadly hot during the day. We arrived late at night and camped at Black Rock. we woke up super early the day after to hike, it’s not recommended to do any of that past 10am.

We took the Skull Rock trail first. There is obviously a rock that looks like a skull right at the beginning of the path. After that, we drove to Hidden Valley, very nice trail, lots of rocks and cacti. Driving out of the park, we stopped in various places to take some photos, nothing much else that we could do in that heat… It was Jeremy’s favourite national park in the US so far, unusual scenery and less touristy.

A thing about driving in the U.S is that you come across lots of abandoned buildings. Here’s one example:

Palm Springs

Palm Springs has been a resort town escape for the Hollywood stars ever since the 30s. Frank Sinatra had a house there. It’s pretty small, only one main street with bars, restaurants and shops. The rest is mainly residential and it’s full of beautiful mid-century modern houses. We took a tour and photographed some, Jade really enjoyed that. We had food and a walk on the main street, some beautiful old Mexican buildings there.