In Los Angeles, we were lucky to stay with our friends, Donna and Dustin, that recently moved there. They were the best hosts and just got the lease for a beautiful old house in Los Feliz. We had the best time with them and they gave us a feel of what it is to live in L.A.

Jeremy badly needed a haircut so on the first day, he went to Sweeney Todd’s barbershop, a place in business since 1947, with 50s furniture and magazines. It all felt very authentic.

We had a few days so we took some time to recover and relax. Jeremy enjoyed the Museum of Death. A pretty grim place that makes you feel happy to be alive when you get out of it. We also did some touristy stuff including the Forever Cemetery, Venice Beach and the Walk of Fame.

One day we went for lunch to the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where Lemmy (Motörhead) used to spend most of his time. We had a Jack and coke in his honour. Later we also bought some alcohol at the Pink Elephant Liquor store, Charles Bukowski’s favourite.

Also did some thrift store shopping and some record shopping at Headline records, nice punk record store owned by a french man.

We really got a flavour for L.A when we went for some cocktails at Tiki-Ti, cheap chicken on a car wash parking and particularly, a bar called the Dresden. It is a time capsule from L.A’s glory days. Music played live by a lovely couple, Marty and Elayne, which have been playing there for 36 years! Good cocktails, amazing old lounge decor.

Special mention to Kismet, a mediterranean-middle eastern restaurant. We had food there one night and it was about the best meal we had on the North American continent, by far.

A thousands thanks for Donna and Dustin’s hospitality! We wouldn’t have enjoyed L.A as much as we did if it wasn’t for them.