In Mississippi, we booked a cabin near Clarksdale, the town that can be called the capital of Delta Blues. On our way there, we stopped for one night and camped in the Petrified Forest just out of Jackson. Not much to say except that we were super hot in the car that night, terrified at the spiders and slept next to an abandoned old train carriage.

The day after, we headed for Clarksdale where we stopped at the crossroads. This is where the legendary Robert Johnson is supposed to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for playing the guitar like no one else. Not much to see though, we quickly moved on to visit the Delta Blues Museum. It is fascinating and rich in information, anecdotes, rare items and artwork. Definitely a place to stop and visit. Another place to check if you’re in town is Cathead: it’s a blues centric record / folk-art store. The owner is super friendly.

At night, we had this cabin booked in this wonderful place: the Shack Up Inn. Hell, you gotta be good to yourself sometimes. It felt genuinely authentic, there was an old piano in our shack and a patio with two rocking chairs. We played guitar and listen to delta blues all night, it was like a dream.