After Portland, we headed to Astoria. This is at the top of the Oregon coast and also the place where that cult classic, the Goonies, was shot. We tthought it was a good starting point to head down south. We paid a visit to the Oregon Film museum and an awesome vintage furniture shop. Then we drove down to Cannon beach, where we camped for the night. A bit too touristy but very beautiful place. We enjoyed the scenery of Haystack Rock as well as the beautiful house and artwork of Steidel.

The next couple of days were spent hiking, spending time on beaches and camping in beautiful national parks. Special mention to Oswald West National Park and Cape Lookout Campground. Pictures and videos will give more credit than words.

One night, we staid at the Blue Heron french cheese company. They allowed to camp on their land, next to some old tractors and goats. They had delicious red wine, cheese and bread.

After all of that, we spent a few days with an American family, at the parents of a friend of ours. We had a really nice time with Kristina, Jeff, Ed and Julie. We felt very welcome, well looked after and we got to swim in a nice spot on the river. Also, we managed to ride the sand dunes of Winchester Bay in dune buggies. Awesome! (except when we got stuck a couple of times…)

And below is a video of the drive down.