After leaving our friends near Reedsport, we slowly drove down along the 101, crossing Oregon to California. While still in Oregon, we stopped at a woodcarving shop on the side of the road, ‘Something Awesome’ pretty impressive sculptures.

After crossing the border to California, we managed to get a spot at a camping in the Red Wood National Forest. Great place with a river in which we swam, and some hiking trails. Huge red woods, last time we were as impressed with natural wonders was in Banff. The place was Jedediah Smith. The day after, we drove through the Avenue of the Giants, which is the old 101 and goes through different groves of giant red woods.

One day before arriving to San Francisco, we stopped at Stinson Beach for the night. It seemed to be a hillbilly town but it was in fact a posh resort area full of yoga retreats, horse ranches and nice restaurants. We had a great fish and chips and wild camped on a visitor centre parking. That’s it for now.