Ah San Francisco… Holy cow, those hills are real steep! First day, we went to the worst touristy area: Pier 39. Our excuse was to watch some sea lions fight.

We didn’t realise that tickets to visit Alcatraz go sold out weeks in advance… Luckily enough, we managed to get some on the spot for a night tour! The boat ride gave us the best views of the bay and the tour itself was great. There was an audio guide which was very well done and informative and we got to explore this horrible place where some of the most infamous criminals spent time. The national guards also gave interesting talks. One of them explaining how hard it would be to escape: freezing ocean temperatures, super strong currents, you would be mad to try. Another story was how prisoners managed to brew alcohol in a desperate attempt to get some sense of freedom. They brewed beer in the fire extinguishers.

Second day, we saw some exhibitions at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, a super cool place, unpretentious place. One of them was about Lew the Jew, a jewish tattooer of the early 20th century in New York. Great stuff, and we also attended a talk from Jill Bonny about the perception of tattoo in Jewish culture.

After that we headed to the Mission district for some delicious Mexican food, thrift shopping and drinks at Lucky 13′ dive bar. Cool spot that is about to close, sadly. More condos to be built, gentrification is global and unstoppable.

Mission Street in the photo above. And a little bonus video here: