So we crossed the border and got our visa sorted in the US. Surprisingly friendly border agents!

After a 2 hours drive, we got to Seattle, White Center neighbourhood. Some cool spots for food and drinks. We drove to the Museum of Pop Culture. Super cool place, tons of original material from Hendrix, Nirvana and iconic films. Totally worth the entrance fee. Driving through downtown on the way back was a nightmare, we got lost in bus-only traffic lanes and forbidden turns. Bus it is from now on. At night, we went to a first bar that seemed divey but really wasn’t and then we got to roller skate and play karaoke at the same time.

On the second day, we went to pike place market, had food at Dick’s drive-in, went for a walk in Capitol Hill, Volunteer Park and headed to Shorty’s for a mandatory drink. Bought a couple of 7′ from the punk record shop across the road, impressive single collection. Henry Art Gallery to finish the day with a indigenous gig. Super interesting, we saw the Nizhóní Girls (surf band), Black Belt Eagle Scout (post-rock duo) and some poetry about the indigenous culture.


That was a good start, let’s head to Portland now..