So here we are, in our last stop, Toronto! Jade has family in here, so we had wonderful fun staying with Tom and Megan.

Toronto is big, it’s the largest city in Canada. As well as being one of the most multicultural cities in the world: with 200 ethnic groups and over 140 spoken languages. Almost every community is to be found in Toronto.

As a result of a great mix of cultures, the food in Toronto is diverse and amazing. We had great Vegan, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Canadian, Vietnamese and Spanish food. Probably forgetting some. Special mentions go to Café Isabel, Pinky’s Café, Don Don Izakaya and Napoli Centrale.

The Niagara Falls is a good day trip to be done while in Toronto. Since we still had the car at the time, we used it and drove there, it’s about 2 hours away. It’s obviously very impressive, you can really feel the power of the water once you’re in front of the falls. Another thing worth seeing in Niagara Falls is the Butterfly Conservatory. It’s a sort of greenhouse with butterflies in it, sounds simple but it’s really awesome to walk through it. Jeremy had fun with his macro lens.

Toronto is also the home of some great museums. We did two: the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). They are both huge and very compelling. The ROM has collection about Asian, Canadian, African and First Nation art. There was also a temporary exhibition on Spiders, very interesting.

We went to the AGO specifically for an exhibition called Anthropocene, a study on how humans are leaving a mark on the planet and the danger we face in the close future. We are all interesting in this subject so nothing came as a surprise to us, even though it is always a bit depressing to be reminded. The rest of the museum is an eclectic collection of art, ranging from paintings to sculptures, throughout various cultures and eras.

Toronto also has plenty of cool bars to go out to, our favourite was definitely the Bovine Sex Club (name not descriptive, luckily). We saw a gig there the second time we went and it was really good, especially the Wine Lips, check them out.

Getting to know about the leak issue in the coolant system of our car in Montreal, we advertised it for really cheap in Toronto and made it obvious to potential buyers what was wrong, hoping to find someone willing to fix it. Sadly, it didn’t work out because of bad timings so we had to send it to be recycled. A truck came and picked it up one afternoon. We felt a bit sad, having spent an enormous amount of time in that car, crossing the North American continent, it had been our home for the past 3 months. You have earned your place in car-heaven, we will miss you.

All in all we really enjoyed Toronto, even though we were so travel weary by this point. The visit was made so good by seeing great family! We have a lot in common with Megan and Tom, so it was an absolute pleasure to get reacquainted after all the years apart. They made us feel very welcome at their lovely apartment and their dog- Gaffa was the icing on the cake. He is such a sweetie that even Jeremy couldn’t help falling for him! Here are some photos from a walk in an old cemetery with Gaffa and our fam in Toronto.