So we really didn’t have long in Washington DC, we stayed only one night as a stop over on the long drive between the mountains of North Carolina/Virginia to New York City. It was a shame as the cultural aspect of the city; museums and historical monuments is very rich. However, our unofficial mantra for the trip certainly rang true here: we can’t do everything!

Once we checked in at our lovely airbnb we headed downtown with an hour to browse the National Museum of the American Indian (please someone explain to us why they haven’t updated the name??) Unfortunately Jeremy got refused at the entrance as they found his Swiss army knife in his bag.. But Jade saw some lovely Canoes!

The highlight of our brief stay was meeting up with an old friend of Jeremy from Marseille! Francis had been travelling the East Coast with his Mother, Anne and Brother Ian. We spent the evening with them for a meal, drinks and some great conversation.  We also played some rounds of dice; we discovered that we all knew the same game (taught to us by Casey and then Kristina and Julie) which was a funny coincidence. Both of us look forward to seeing them again in Marseille!

The next morning we had enough time to have great conversation with our host over coffee, before setting off for NYC. Jade also got to bond with the dog of the house, Bear, a giant and extremely soppy hound/sheeperd cross (this was the second highlight!)