Yosemite is a huge and beautiful place but there are too many people. Way too many. Anyways, we got a spot in a campground 3 miles down a side road. Nice remote place, we even saw a black bear run off.

Around midday the first day, we were about to go hike the Nevada Falls trail and were having some food on a parking lot, prior. The handle of the boot came off in my hand when I tried to open it… No way to open from the inside, all our stuff under the bed frame, what a bummer…

We decided to drive an hour to the nearest mechanic in Mariposa, Stan’s Body Shop. Better fix that sooner rather than later. Stan was super a nice chap, we talked about tattoos and other things and he really saved the day. He managed to fix it pretty quickly and only asked for an extra large Harley Davidson t-shirt to be sent to him as payment 🙂

The day after, we went to Glacier Point, fantastic view of the valley. Then we hiked Taft Point trail, saw the fissures and had a glance on some other breath taking views.

On the way out of the park, we stopped at Mariposa Grove to walk around some old and large trees (the Grizzly Giant is approximately 2000 years old). Pretty amazing.